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Bridges and Sustainability

A few weeks ago, Congressman John Yarmuth hosted a Sustainability Workshop on the same day he met with US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood to talk about building $4.1 Billion worth of bridges in Louisville. According to a Louisville Mojo post, a number of people at the workshop had questions like this one:

"Why is the Bridges Project going forward when it's pretty much the opposite of smart growth?"

Well, you should just read his answer for yourself. Check it out.

LEO Weekly: "Burned Bridge"


eebridge.jpg"Politics, power and obstruction: Has Louisville's most prominent preservation group lost its vision?"

Steven Shaw did a heck of a job covering a very difficult story. Read it!

Removing Roads Speeds Urban Travel


Scientific American2.JPGThis article in the January 29th Scientific American should be mandatory reading for a few folks in town.

We like reading scientific journals that say things like:

"closing a highway--that is, reducing network capacity--
improves the system's effectiveness."

This fact was made clear in our local example when KYTC's "8664" Traffic Study showed that an East End Bridge Only solution performed as well as the "two-bridge solution" that would cost twice as much and expand Spaghetti Junction to 23 lanes wide.

Here's a nice quote for our friends in Washington (Helloooo, Congressman Yarmuth!):

"As the Obama administration prepares to invest in the biggest public works project since the construction of the interstate highway system, the notion that fewer, more inclusive roads yield better results is especially timely."

Good stuff. Read the entire article. 

Nine pro-8664 web-only letters and counting


Click the link below to read letters that the Courier decided not to print.

KYTC Fails to Study 8664


A $60,000 PR hit job by KYTC

Today we received a copy of what is supposed to be a study of the 8664 alternative by KYTC's consultant. If they had wanted to make a good faith attempt of assessing our plan, they would have contacted us to clarify the specifics of our alternative and/or accepted our offer to provide a transportation engineer to oversee the study.

Instead they misrepresented our alternative by asserting:

  • I-64 will be widened to six lanes through Cherokee Park
    (second to last bullet point on page 2)
  • I-71 would also be widened to six lanes
  • I-64 and I-71 terminate at Clay Street
  • Waterfront Boulevard would divide the Great Lawn
  • we don't address Kennedy Bridge rehabilitation

All of the above are incorrect, and therefore KYTC's analysis is NOT a 8664 Study. In fact, if you wanted the 8664 alternative to fail, you would do exactly what they have attempted to do -- force more interstate and limited access traffic into Spaghetti Junction and change where the I-64 ramp enters downtown.

2nd Annual 8664 Forum


Join us for this FREE event:

8664 Forum
Muhammad Ali Center, 144 North 6th Street
Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
5:30 Reception
6 - 8 pm Presentation and Q&A

Featured speakers include:

Cary Moon, Director
People's Waterfront Coalition
Seattle, Washington
John Norquist, President
Former Mayor of Milwaukee, WI


We'd like to recognize our growing list of FORUM SPONSORS:

Yarmuth wrong about EE Bridge support

In last Friday's Louisville Forum debate with past Congresswoman Anne Northup, Congressman Yarmuth said:

 "The East End Bridge was a political compromise to allow us to build the downtown bridge and she (Northup) is now taking Indiana's position."  

Who does he mean when he says "allows us"? He's not speaking for the people of Kentucky.

Historically, the East End Bridge has been part of this region's long-term transportation plan since 1969. It was reaffirmed in two subsequent plans in 1987 and 1993.

In terms of public opinion, support for the East End Bridge has also been consistent. In 1993, the Courier-Journal conducted a Bluegrass Poll that found that in Jefferson, Floyd and Clark County, 78% support an East End Bridge. Not surprisingly, the C-J hasn't polled the question since. Wave 3's poll in late 1994 found that 75% preferred the East End Bridge. In January of 2008, we polled 500 registered voters in Jefferson County and found that people favor the East End Bridge by more than a 2-to-1 margin.

So while Congressman Yarmuth is correct that Anne Northup now supports building the East End Bridge and then evaluating our traffic needs, he's ABSOLUTELY WRONG about it being "Indiana's position" to build the East End Bridge. This entire region supports building the East End Bridge.

Email Congressman Yarmuth and tell him you support the East End Bridge.

Sign up today!

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