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Do you want I-64 widened to six lanes through Cherokee Park?

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) sponsored a project (KIPDA ID# 389) that is currently part of our region's Horizon 2030 Transportation Plan and it includes the following language:

"I-64 corridor improvements ... the addition of one lane in each travel direction between I-71 and I-264."

Louisville's Metropolitan Planning Organization (KIPDA) is updating our region's Transportation Plan and the public comment period runs through next Tuesday the 29th. 

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Subject: Remove or amend KIPDA #389

I oppose KIPDA ID# 389 because I don't want I-64 widened inside the Watterson Expressway. If you are not able to remove the project entirely from the Horizon 2030 Transportation Plan, I ask that you amend the project so it no longer includes the possibility of additional lanes. 

I'd also like to request that KIPDA's traffic model be updated so that the roadway in question is constrained to two lanes in each direction, as it is now and should remain.

I will fight to protect our historic Olmsted-designed Cherokee Park and surrounding neighborhoods from additional encroachment by the interstate.

Thank you for documenting my concerns and for working to remove #389 from our transportation plan.



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