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WHAS coverage of reducing ORBP's scale

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Late 2009 Bridges News

CJ: Governor OKs $100 M bond sale for ORBP

A year ago, the state legislature approved $231 M to go toward the Bridges Project, but it's taken the Governor almost a year to actually approve less than half the bonds. They indicate that it is for land acquisition, so we'll track the $s and see where they are headed.

CJ: Bridges Lawsuit Headed to Kentucky Court

Clearly River Fields would have objected to this move if they believed it didn't benefit them. We know what kind of influence they've had on local elected leaders, now we will see how their special interest agenda works in the judicial system.

LEO Weekly: "Burned Bridge"


eebridge.jpg"Politics, power and obstruction: Has Louisville's most prominent preservation group lost its vision?"

Steven Shaw did a heck of a job covering a very difficult story. Read it!

Recent News

Governor Steve Beshear appoints Transportation Authority members (VilleVoice)

The growing failure of Public Private Partnerships (Infrastructurist)

Walter Kulash - author of 8664 Feasibility Study - named one of the 100 Top Urban Thinkers (Planetizen)

Tolling Authority part of special session


Today Governor Beshear added tolling authority legislation to the agenda for next week's special session. If the legislation locks in the current two-bridge solution, it means that the project can't be changed in any significant way and therefore we cannot consider a better, less expensive alternative.

According to both the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and the State's recent study, the East End Bridge provides more "cross-river mobility" and better "System wide performance" than the Downtown Bridge portion of the project which costs more than twice as much. That, and according to our poll, the East Bridge is supported over the Downtown Bridge by more than 2 to 1 margin by Jefferson County residents.

But the East End Bridge has been delayed by the "weight" of the downtown portion of the project for more than a decade. Regrettably, the delays will likely continue if a tolling authority is passed and the project is locked together. For some, this has been the strategy all along. We need to prioritize the East End Bridge and move Louisville forward.


Nine pro-8664 web-only letters and counting


Click the link below to read letters that the Courier decided not to print.

2nd Annual 8664 Forum


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8664 Forum
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Featured speakers include:

Cary Moon, Director
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John Norquist, President
Former Mayor of Milwaukee, WI


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Funding shifts away from EE Bridge

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98% of budget cut came from East End Bridge

On Tuesday the Beshear administration released a state highway construction plan that dramatically shifts the funding priority away from the East End Bridge.

According to the Ohio River Bridges Project ("ORBP") Financing Plan released in January of this year, the East End Bridge was to receive 62% of Kentucky's 2008 through 2010 funds. By contrast, the Governor's Road Plan for the same period slashes funding for the East End Bridge to only 27%.

In real dollars, the shift is even more stark and troubling. Due to budget constraints, the Governor's Road Plan reduced the States commitment to the ORBP by $236 Million, compared to January's approved ORBP Financing Plan. Of the $236 Million reduction, $231 Million or 98% was taken away from the East End Bridge.

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