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Originally posted on April 29, 2010:

Louisville is at a crossroads. The ORBP represents previous generation's inability to overcome powerful special interests. Now is the time for 8664, the right vision for future generations.  

Credits: Bob Hill, Gill Holland, Paul Coomes, Earl Jones and more.


This is a great video! I am fully supportive of the 8664 concept as I understand it. PLEASE, PLEASE change the name from "8664" to something that conveys what it is all about. In my opinion, this name is a major obstacle to generating public enthusiasm for the idea. Get a PR group to transition from this name before it is too late to generate the kind of energy we will need to accomplish this critical mission.


Ed Flynn

Great video. I have always felt this is the only idea that makes ANY sense for Louisville. Thank you to Eleanor Bingham Miller and Bruce Skinner for funding it! The Bingham's are still around, like Louisville's parents, continuing to look out for us.

Good stuff!

I just read that Paris is getting in on the freeway-removal action, along the Seine through town: http://bit.ly/cZXBrN (Telegraph.co.uk).

I would love to drive down that riverside boulevard and see Louisville reconnected with its riverfront. This video and all the points are very nicely made. With driving rates continuing to decline, it only seems comical to continue building monstrous automobile infrastructure. What kind of public transit could a couple billion dollars could buy for Louisville, instead of this proposed 23-lane monument to yesterday's sad love affair with the internal combustion engine?

Great video. Keep up the great work. We are counting on you!!!

So simple, so right for Louisville.

I think 8664 should plan a huge rally of supporters on the great lawn this summer. Other than Tyler Allen, none of the other mayoral candidates seem to be on board for this new, exciting vision for transportation and our waterfront. Let's show them and the media that there is considerable support for an East End bridge and the dismantlement of an elevated 64 over Waterfront Park.

I want Louisville KY to be a Baltimore MD or a Charlottesville VA or a Chicago IL - not a Nashville TN or a Cincinnati OH. I want a downtown that I can walk through not walk under tons of concrete overpasses. If it will take 20 years to build a bridge, are we still going to value the same things? Will our children want a choking highway hiding their river or a beautiful place for their children to play? Also, it's no way to encourage independence from oil. Why not build the East End bridge? How about light rail? There was a second rail track that was removed years ago. Put it back. Develop an incentive to ride TARC. Ride for a month and receive a $10 off coupon for Target or Krogers. Please let the 30 to 40-year olds wishes be the primary consideration in this decision. They will be the ones living with it.

Thanks for your suggestion. It's clearly been something we've talked about. Have any suggestions? Anyone?

This is a great video. As someone who is moving from Portland, OR to Louisville, I am excited to see this dialogue and this idea being promoted. I look forward to being more involved in this cause once I live there! Thank you!

Kaite, Do you know Joey Prather? According to his post a few minutes before yours, he is also moving to LOU from PDX. Carpool?

Sorry, 8664 is perfect.

This video and all the other videos need share options. How do we make this viral if it isn't intuitive to do so. Please add some buttons for stumbleupon and digg and facebook and the like to this page.

How can we (the concerned citizen) get involved? I am a HUGE supporter of 8464 and it seems there are a lot of other supporters; however, how do we get the message across to local and state politicians? Are there any petitions against the expansion of spaghetti junction? Any petitions against bridge tolls?

I am compiling a list of people who will not live in Louisville if the downtown portion of the ORBP is built as currently planned. The plan is to get one million people from around the world to pledge to not live in Louisville regardless of career opportunity in 2024 after the downtown ORBP is finished. Search for I will not live in Louisville if the downtown bridge project is built (the name will be changed soon) on facebook. Spread the word, the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century will be stopped.

If you click the video after it's running, it takes you to the YouTube page for the video. From there, you have share options. Share away!

But I do agree, 8664 should probably add the "ShareThis" widget (or something equivalent) so that people can more easily share posts from here.

This has to be done. It is the only thing that makes sense. What a wonderful downtown it would be with no expressway traffic zipping overhead. The parks are very nice and just think of how much better it would be. Please continue to work on building the east end bridge and then maybe all will understand the need to 8664 through our city!

Outstanding video. It's time more people started speaking up. I'm pleased to see so many "healthy" observations to balance the "jobs jobs jobs" rhetoric which undermines the very point ... of our waterfront. Attention all agents of concrete creme ... it could be painted GREEN and it would still be a noisy eyesore which NEVER belonged there. And what really gripes me is the ORBP Tolling folks actually want Louisville to become like New Jersey. Forget politics, this is war. SAVE OUR WATERFRONT !!!!!!

8664.org is already established as a brand, changing it would be unwise ... and the fact 8664.org begs one to question is itself a plus for marketing. It's also short, obviously memorable ... and ... in fact communicates the vision for the movement in a clever way.

Tyler Allen, one of the founders of 8664, is our best candidate for Mayor. He has great ideas about education, light rail, and of course revitalizing the river front and west end. Let's help get him elected!!!!!

What's NOT to get? This reason alone is worth voting for Tyler!

Nice video. I particularly like the shots of I64 that show the "traffic" (which is only a handful of cars whizzing by at 70mph). Keep up the good work 8664!

The only reason the East End bridge hasn't been built yet, is right there in the name. THE EAST END... Money talks and city needs walk. Politicians let the elite push them around at will. An age-old problem indeed.

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