8664 Release: Traffic Declining Since 2003 ROD

Read yesterday's 8664 Highlights Declining Traffic Volumes press release:

"The day before the Bridges Authority votes to toll the region's interstate bridges to pay for the $4.1 Billion Ohio River Bridges Project, 8664 highlights interstate traffic trends. Traffic counts for Kentucky's interstates are reported by The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, so 8664 compiled a snapshot of interstate traffic volumes since the Record of Decision was signed in 2003. Declining traffic volumes on all three interstates (I-65/I-64/I-71) in close proximity to the Kennedy Bridge and Spaghetti Junction begs many questions. For example:

  • Why would we toll our bridges to expand Spaghetti Junction's capacity when demand is not increasing?
  • Why would we build a project based on gas prices of $1.50/gallon, when it's actually doubled in just seven years?
  • Why won't the Bridges Authority embrace public opinion and work to "divide and phase" the project?

"The pro-Bridges folks will try to say the decline is due to the bad economy, but it clearly has more to do with the price of gas." said JC Stites, 8664 Co-Founder. He went on to say, "Spaghetti Junction is not too small, it just has a couple design flaws that could be addressed quickly and cost effectively after an East End Bridge is build."

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