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Metro Council Committee takes a stand against some tolls

In a unanimous vote that parallels Louisvillians views on tolling existing interstates to pay for the bloated Ohio River Bridges Project, Metro Council's Transportation and Public Works Committee took a stand and injected some reason and commonsense into the Bridges Project. Well done!

Read about it here.

So will the unelected Bridges Authority ignore our pleas for reason? Let's hope so.

What do the Mayoral Candidates have to say? It came up in yesterday's debate. While some people want to wait for the Bridges Authority to tell us what we can afford, it's worth mentioning that the Arena is already suffering from financial shortfalls due to poor forecasting. The arena opens next month.

Columnist Neal Peirce on freeway removal

Read the Time to accelerate freeway removals? article on It concludes:

"The timing, as the nation turns away from far-out sprawl and more to center cities, should be perfect -- atoning for the last generation's racially-tinged land seizure, making use of prime urban land to create livability, and opening up choice new economic development sites."

What's happened to 8664?


From today's 8664 Update email:

What's happened to 8664?

That's a good question. Basically, we've withdrawn from the bridges discussion for the time being. The good news is the oversized project looks to be taking care of itself. More about that below.

As you know, with the help of a few spineless Metro Council members, Mayor Abramson supported handing the decision-making on the bridges issue over to an unelected authority. This group, conflicts and all, has made it clear that they don't care what you think - see public poll info below - and just want to "get 'er done". So, the timing for our less expensive, forward-thinking alternative needs to wait.


Seriously, whether you love or hate LEO Weekly, we all should be glad it gives a voice to so many people who don't seem to be represented in other local media outlets. Our paper, for example.

Please take a minute to read today's Jerry's Kids. From today's LEO:

"When asked if the Democrat's "plan B" remark indicates his support for the project is waning, Fischer campaign spokesman Chris Poynter responded via e-mail: "Greg supports the entire bridges project -- both bridges." The entire project entails building an East End bridge, a downtown bridge and re-configuring Spaghetti Junction.

In a recent poll by cn|2 Politics, however, more than 50 percent of Louisville voters said they support building only an East End bridge more than any other combination of the project. And some Fischer supporters believe the bridges project is becoming their candidate's glaring weakness."

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