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C-J headlines point to building the EE Bridge


From yesterday:

Truck spill on I-65 South Ramp to I-71 ties up downtown traffic
"Traffic was blocked downtown after a tractor trailer lost 3,000 points of sheet metal on the ramp between I-65 South and I-71 North..."

From Saturday's paper:

I-64 ramp from I-65 cleared after accident
"A tractor-trailer that jackknifed on Interstate 65 Southbound, spilling sugar and diesel fuel on the road disrupted traffic at the exit to I-64..."

What if these trucks had been loaded with hazardous material?

With an East End Bridge, these accident would likely have been prevented. Approximately 32,000 trucks go through Spaghetti Junction everyday because they don't have any choice. Using an EE Bridge would be faster (1 mile shorter), would create less downtown congestion and would help to improve the region's air quality.

Bridges Authority says they will discuss 8664

Here is today's Bridges Authority to look at 8664 Press Release (PDF). 

Per the release: 

"At last Thursday's Bridges Authority meeting, Authority Secretary Sandra Frazier of Tandem Public Relations announced that the Bridges Authority would be discussing the 8664 alternative and a bridge project in St. Louis that was scaled down to avoid tolls at their next meeting. Clearly there are new reasons for reconsidering the $4.1 Billion Ohio River Bridges Project.

"With last week's poll showing only 15% of Louisvillians support building two bridges, coupled with the overwhelmingly negative reaction to tolling Spaghetti Junction, it's clearly time to look for better options" said JC Stites, 8664 Co-Founder. According to Insight Communications' recent poll, while only 14.5% supports building both bridges, a combined total of 64.6% support building the East End Bridge."

This is exciting news for anyone who wants to see Louisville progress and find a more reasonable approach to solving our transportation needs. We have contacted the author of our Feasibility Study (Walter Kulash) and hope to have him here for the next meeting on October 7th.


Cynics have suggested that this politically-appointed board could have an ulterior motive, bringing up 8664 just to trash the idea. After all, the Authority's website says it "is not charged with changing the project's scope".

But we are going assume the best to go to the meeting with the full intention of presenting the case for a less expensive, more sustainable plan.

We would welcome your input. Email us at

St. Louis planners agree, I-70 should be removed

According to St. Louis Business Journal article Most Arch Design Teams: Remove I-70 Downtown, 4 out of 5 of the groups in a design competition recommend rerouting I-70 away from downtown as proposed by the City to River advocacy group. Link to Google Maps showing I-70 across St. Louis' waterfront.

While Louisville struggles to break free from an inbred political system that answers to special interests, other cities like St. Louis are moving forward with exciting plans to embrace a more livable and sustainable future.

New Albany passes anti-tolling resolution

Nice work New Albany City Council! They passed a resolution opposing tolls on the ORBP and other SI communities should do the same.

Read about it on LEO and NA Confidential.

CN2 Poll: 14.5% support the ORBP


The Courier-Journal has not done a poll on bridge alternatives since 1996. Luckily, CN2 polled the issue and the results are dramatic.

According to a newly released poll, only 14.5% of Louisvillians support building two bridges. Here's a look at the results:


View the entire poll (PDF). 








Check out CN2's Mayoral Candidate videos to see how they responded to the poll. 

Please note, Spaghetti Junction is NOT the "11th worst bottleneck in the country." It's not even in the Top 100 bottlenecks!

Imagine how the project will poll when they ask about tolling Spaghetti Junction. It might just be time for a scaled down approach.

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