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Candidate for Mayor Hal Heiner

Hal Heiner opted not to respond to our Mayoral Transportation Questionnaire in May, but his views on tolls and the East End Bridge appear to be solidifying. This video was posted to CN|2 yesterday:

We will be on the lookout for similar coverage on Greg Fischer's views. Mr. Fischer was the only candidate who said he supported tolls on existing bridges.

Green Cities article in USA TODAY

The article about the "Our Cities Ourselves" exhibit in New York City begins:

"Imagine no cars -- or fewer, anyway.

In New York, a two-mile stretch of the FDR Drive parkway is torn down to open lower Manhattan for parks and plazas, and bicyclists are given their own lane on the Brooklyn Bridge.

An elevated highway in Guangzhou, China, is transformed into a pedestrian promenade and rooftops are linked by raised walkways and bikeways."
"A year ago nobody thought you could close Broadway," he said. "But suddenly it's closed, and everyone loves it."
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The "mainstream" media is covering how the best and brightest thinkers are looking at cities in new ways to make them more human-scale and environmentally sustainable. Our latest video discusses some of these issues, but Louisville's political leadership is too entrenched with the anti East End Bridge folks to do the right thing for our future. Who are you going to vote for to lead Louisville? Are they going to do the right thing?

Bridges Authority sets tolls at $3 for KIPDA

According to a News and Tribune article, the Bridges Authority was asked by KIPDA to set a rate scenario for tolls on the Kennedy and two new bridges. They decided to go with $3 per toll. That means $6 per day for 50,000+ citizens who live and work on different sides of the river. That is, unless they decide to save money and pollute our air by driving around to the toll-free Sherman-Minton Bridge.

It makes you wonder, doesn't it. We thought the purpose of the Bridges Project was to IMPROVE cross-river mobility.

Delisting the $260 Million Drumanard Estate

One week after LEO's article about Louisville's most expensive house - the $260 Million Drumanard Estate - a group of local activists called Say No to Bridge Tolls filed a request with the Kentucky Heritage Council to have the house removed from the National Register of Historic Places. We can think of about 260 Million reasons this is a good idea. You can read all about it in today's Courier article, and you won't want to miss the comments to get some of the local flavor.

For those of you who haven't been following the ORBP boondoggle; a nice old house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places 20 years ago in an effort by wealthy land owners to prevent the much needed East End Bridge from going through their estates. Because of it's "historic" designation, Kentucky was going to spend an extra $260 Million to tunnel under the property. Clearly ridiculous.

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