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Waterfront Park's "Great" Lawn                     (ROLLOVER PHOTO)

The Great Lawn today.JPG

ORBP's plan would make I-64 50% wider than it is today - that's 75 feet wider. Also notice that the rendering doesn't include a shadow, but if constructed -- planned  to be 10 feet higher than its current height -- the shadow from I-64 will cover the majority of what we now call our Great Lawn.

Slugger Field

Slugger Field Today.JPG

The new Spaghetti Junction ramps will be at least 35 feet above the ground and plow right through Slugger Fields parking lot. The ORBP's current rendering of the above ramps show them avoiding the Slugger Field's parking lot, so we've requested accurate renderings.  

Click the link below to see what happens to the Xtreme Park and more.

Louisville Xtreme Park

Xtreme Park Today.JPG

Notice the road stacks on top of the Park? The gray road is street level. The brown ramps must be at least 18 feet above that, with TWO pink ramps of similar clearance above that. That adds up to 72 feet of flying Spaghetti.

More Spaghetti in the Junction

SJ Today.JPG    

Taking a step back, you see what happens when you let engineers and road contractors build their ideal city. See how the 23 lanes of freshly laid concrete would cut a wide swath across our waterfront.

How does this make you feel about Louisville's future?

In our next installment of Rollover Louisville!, we'll look at how all this new concrete won't even address the bottlenecks at Hospital Curve or Cochran Hill Tunnel.


Un_ _ _ _ ing believable. When will this community wake up? When will they take back their power and be afforded a say in their waterfront's future? It's beyond me how this monstrosity of a plan, in the heart or our urban waterfront and on top of a thriving downtown revitalization, can be embraced by anyone!! A first year civil engineer could figure out that there are less obtrusive, less expensive solutions that would not, I repeat, would not, open the blessed ROD (Record of Decision) excuse that the proponents of the ORBP constantly wave so citizens like myself will shy away from challenging this portion of the plan. We need to march, 10,000+ strong down to the waterfront and sit there until someone appeases the frustration that is mounting in this community over this absurd portion of the project. You can have “two bridges”, even three, if you want. Dog gone it, build seven if you can find the money. We just don’t need a frigging three interstate interchange on the most priceless real estate in our community, our downtown and its waterfront. I’m moving to a community that listens and gets excited, not frightened, by challenging and improving on ideas.


great question

In a recent discussion a wise head had this motto to help incite people to understand the ORBP>
How about this: Author of CIA Book who spoke at Filson Lecture said CIA basic budget is 5 billion per year. With Federal $ so tight, how unpatriotic can we be to vie for funds equivalent to a critical component of our national safety.

I'll think of more anon. Angry by NIMBY and old tyme thinking about how powerful people can be allowed to make decisions not in public interest, not adknowledging historic buildings or best way to get a city humming if you have a river like ours is to make it easy for people to get to it....not under 23 dark, druggy, dirty lanes of traffic roaring above so the park is unusable.
Been here long and seen it all. Our leaders are living with comfortable 20th c. ideas and cannot look ahead even 20 years to changes in travel, living, transportation and we are stuck with the mistakes and tolls for next 50 years. Good night

Don't move, stay and fight. Nothing is concrete until they break ground on the downtown bridge. Anytime you are near city hall leave them a message with sidewalk chalk about how you will not live in Louisville post downtown ORBP. They can't arrest you for chalk.

I proudly voted for Tyler Allen, the only one of the eight candidates for mayor who opposed this mess. That embarrassing rag, the Courier-Journal, had the gall to say that Tyler was "unsuited to be mayor." If the citizens of this community allow this outrage to be built then I suppose it will say a lot more about Louisville and its citizens than all our parks, our arts, and what could have been our waterfront. Wake up, people. Get on board 8664 before it's too late. Maybe we can't stop global warming, oil companies, prejudice, ignorance, obesity and hunger at the same time, but we certainly can stop this $4 BILLION disgrace.

If 8664 really wants to do something about the bridges, why not go to the source: the Federal Highway Administration? Why waste so much negative energy on River Fields? It's not River Fields' project. Do something positive.

By attempting to block the critically important east end bridge Riverfields is against progress in the entire Louisville metro area. The old money elite value their bucolic estates over Louisville having a functioning economy in the 21st century and a logical bypass for commuters, hazardous materials, and heavy trucks. By forcing a ridiculously expensive tunnel under the outskirts of a 52 acre quasi-historical estate Riverfields is attempting to delay the east end bridge indefinitely. Meanwhile Riverfields is fully supporting the terribly designed downtown ORBP that will lock Louisville into having a hideously ugly and loud elevated waterfront expressway for the next 110 years. Over 60% of the public does not support the terribly designed downtown ORBP. Riverfields is the enemy of common sense, democracy, and a Louisville with a vibrant diverse economy in the 21st century.

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