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Yesterday the Bridges Authority emailed me to let me know their new website is up. You can check it out at

When I perused the image gallery, the rendering below caught my eye because it's different from other renderings and the Google Map overlay on their website.

White SJ without cars.JPG

For starters, notice how the interstate ramp closest to Slugger Field goes behind the existing billboard at the far side of parking lot. But when you look at the Google overlay from ORBP website, you see it clearly goes right through the middle of the parking lot. See below:

Slugger Field Parking Lot Ramps.JPG

Another "issue" I noticed is that originally there were two streets that connected Butchertown to the waterfront, but now there's only one. Hmmm.

Exploring further, the Third Street ramp that was moved east, dumping traffic onto River Road at Waterfront Park (see below) is missing from the image on the Authority's website. Maybe they are using old rendering for some reason.

SJ Rendering with Cars.jpg

The more I explored, the more questions I had. So below I've listed the questions I emailed to the ORBP to get some answers.

Questions for the ORBP:

Does the I-64 E to I-65 S ramp go right through the Slugger Field parking lot or around the east side of the existing billboard as it appears in the rendering?
When and why was one of the streets that went under SJ from Butchertown to River Road removed from the project and was this decision made public?
Someone told me Spaghetti Junction has been reduced to 17 lanes wide. Is that true or is it still planned to be 23 lanes wide?
The current Spaghetti Junction appears to be about 300 feet wide and redesign SJ appears to be close to 600'. Is that about correct?
In the rendering on the Authority's site, why is the off ramp from 64 and 71 that dumps people onto River Road missing?
I see a short ramp that goes from Waterfront Park directly up to I-65 N on the Kennedy Bridge. Does that mean that the fastest way to go north from our central business district is to go through Waterfront Park? Also, why doesn't the ramp connect to River Road directly on the map?
Do you plan to make a video drive-thru of SJ, as you have for the two bridges?
Is the Google map overlay on the website the most current and accurate rendering? Is it up-to-date? If not, what has changed?
I'll let you know what I hear back.


Will there be any ramp to go from I-71 Southbound to I-64 East Bound?

That's interesting - they appear to tuck the I-64 E to I-65 S ramp neatly behind a row of trees in their rendering, while in the Google Map overlay, not only is it right on top of the trees, but it encroaches significantly into the Slugger Field lot

Isn't it ironic that the ORBP cannot get depictions of their plan correct, while 8664, which is a VOLUNTEER organization, clearly demonstrates, utilizing multi media, what their plan is??? How much money are the bozos at ORBP being paid to demonstrate their plan...

No. Though with 8664 or the ORBP, you would be able to get off I-71 S at Frankfort and access I-64 E from Mellwood.

Where do the toll booths and associated extra-wide lanes fit in?

Check out yesterday's News and Tribune article "No funding plan presented at bridges meeting" --

Notice the significant development detailed in this article:

ORBP engineers have been making many design changes, post-Record of Decision. They are now trying to "de-spaghettify" Spaghetti Junction (reducing the land it takes up), amongst other changes. It's interesting that they can change the bridges project within its footprint after all. Therefore, it stands to reason that they can also remove the unnecessary second I-65 bridge and dramatically reduce their plans for Spaghetti Junction widening.

There are 2 possible explanations for this error. Either the people at the ORBP are incompetent or they are intentionally lying to us. Given the fact that they are spending millions of dollars to hire some of the best engineering firms in the region, if not the country, the only logical conclusion is that they are intentionally misleading us. If we could find out who did the rendering of this project and interview them, maybe we could get lucky and find out there was some nefarious interference from the higher ups.

If you all at 8664 stopped being nice, you might get something done.

What I mean is this: Unless, you get people to understand the amount of damage that will be done to the waterfront, you'll never get the critical mass of public opinion on your side, and this will be a "done deal" much like the Airport expansion or the new KFC Yum! Arena.

Which means you all need to get down in the gutter with the scum who are foisting this garbage on our city, including Keith Runyon (mention he's the spouse of River Fields Director, Meme Sweets Runyon) at the C-J. I don't think most Louisvillans know the extent of his bias, and why they should consider the C-J editorial page with the sufficient suspect it deserves when it addresses this issue. Hell, they call you all idiots, nuts and worse. Get mean in return.

I've been in living in this town long enough to know how it really works and if you don't have the C-J on your side, you are somewhat screwed. Therefore, 8664 needs to find a white knight to push its agenda. Remember how David Jones killed the idea for blocking 3rd St. for the KY Convention Center expansion? Something along those lines would be your best bet. So far, your argument is cogent and fair. But you know what? It doesn't amount to a crock unless you get the hoi polloi involved, and you'll need some real pull to get that going.

Sorry to go on so long, but you are losing the war while you are winning all the battles--- the ORBP Committee continues to meet and make non-democratic decisions that will affect this community for the next century. Get on the stick and get nasty.

Carl, here's a little taste of some hardball to come...

New Facebook page: "Build the East End Bridge Already! -- After that, Re-evaluate the Rest!"

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The people who control the bridge project will never get the bridge threw there area."prospect" they have to much money and control to much in this project.any one who has any since can look at a map and see 265 gene snyder should connect to Indiana lee hamilton or 265. look at Indianapolis on a overview map.two highways bi-pass it.Go around it.Just like any trucker who would be drivin threw town would take the road around downtown to get out of going threw downtown.From Indiana they could get on the highway and be on 264 or genesnyder real fast it only makes since you put a nother bridge in town you are not solving the problem your creating another.tolls are you kidding me what a nightmare.Jerry get out before this mess hits!!!!

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