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LEO: "Off the cliff and into the water"

Leo's Jonathan Meador covers the sad state of the Ohio River Bridges Project or "Or-Bop" as some call it. Along with today's Courier piece about Groups opposing tolls, Jonathan's Off the cliff and into the Water piece adds to the growing chorus of frustration with Louisville's current plan.

CJ acknowledges toll opposition groups

As we mentioned in post a few weeks ago, there are a number of anti-tolling groups (here and here) forming to oppose tolling the ORBP. Not surprising considering 2/3rds of the cost of the Bridges Project -- expanding Spaghetti Junction to 23 lanes and building a downtown bridge -- doesn't have wide support.

From the Courier's article:

Architect Steve Wiser argues that charging tolls to cross the Ohio River will harm Louisville and "separate our states."


"We've already paid for those bridges years and years ago. The citizens should have a right to use bridges we've already paid for without a new tax," Reilly said in an interview.


Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, an outspoken advocate of tolls...

In related misguided government news, Metro Government's audit was released today and you can read all about it on TheVilleVoice.

Livability Forum on Tuesday March 30th


Two weeks from this Tuesday at the Clifton Center there will be a panel discussion about livability issues. Local experts will be discussing important topics -- preservation, development, transportation, sustainability, etc. -- that will impact the future of our city. Here are some of the details:

          Tuesday, March 30th at the Clifton Center

          5 PM Reception (BBC and Heine Bros.)

          6 -7:30 Discussion, after-discussion gathering at Clifton Pizza

          Panel includes Bill Weyland, Gill Holland, Steve Wiser, etc.

To learn more about the event and to reserve your free seat(s), go to: and RSVP! See you there.

Bridges and Sustainability

A few weeks ago, Congressman John Yarmuth hosted a Sustainability Workshop on the same day he met with US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood to talk about building $4.1 Billion worth of bridges in Louisville. According to a Louisville Mojo post, a number of people at the workshop had questions like this one:

"Why is the Bridges Project going forward when it's pretty much the opposite of smart growth?"

Well, you should just read his answer for yourself. Check it out.

Comprehensive ORBP Update always does a great job of covering issues that impact Louisville's neighborhoods. Yesterday's post, Catching up with a slow moving highway disaster outlines all the happenings of the ORBP over the past six months. Take a minute and read it.

Anti toll sites popping up

Shermin at night.jpg

As the Bridges Authority hires investment bankers to advise them on financing the $4.1 Billion ORBP, local citizens are beginning to organize opposition to tolling Louisville's bridges.

There are two new groups on Facebook (here and here) and reports of a new website coming online in the near future. Check them out and become a fan if you don't support tolling.


Authority: Tolls likely on all interstate bridges

Yesterday the Bridges Authority held their monthly meeting to figure out how to pay for Louisville's new bridges. According to the Courier's article:

"won't consider placing tolls on the Second Street bridge.

But the Louisville-Southern Indiana Bridges Authority will evaluate electronic tolls, in some combination, on the region's two planned interstate bridges and the existing Kennedy and Sherman Minton spans."

That sounds like good news for the 20,000 people who use the Clark Memorial Bridge on an average work day. They won't have to pay the $1, $2 or $3 toll planned for the interstate bridges. That's good, right? 

Think about it. Just imagine the traffic on the 2nd Street Bridge when it's the only way to get across the river without paying a toll. Talk about "GRIDLOCK".

Wasn't the Bridges Project supposed to improve "cross-river mobility"?

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