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Late 2009 Bridges News

CJ: Governor OKs $100 M bond sale for ORBP

A year ago, the state legislature approved $231 M to go toward the Bridges Project, but it's taken the Governor almost a year to actually approve less than half the bonds. They indicate that it is for land acquisition, so we'll track the $s and see where they are headed.

CJ: Bridges Lawsuit Headed to Kentucky Court

Clearly River Fields would have objected to this move if they believed it didn't benefit them. We know what kind of influence they've had on local elected leaders, now we will see how their special interest agenda works in the judicial system.

Urbanophile: "Highways AND Transit"


To create a great city, there must be balance. One of our favorite bloggers comments on the need for both highways and transit.

"I know there are a lot of people out there that are anti-highway. But a lot of the arguments around it relate to local land use and development patterns and ignores freight. Clearly, rail freight and intermodal transport are growing at a rapid clip and need investment. But trucking is always going to be a very important part of our national economy and keeping freight moving on a national and regional level is critical. For a big rig, every hour of delay costs about $67 - that adds up quickly."
[8664 note: Not to mention the air pollution.]

Bridge Authority Unlikely To Curb Opposition

WFPL's Gabe Bullard reported...

"While the authority was formed to transcend political pressure and speed up the bridges' construction, it's clear that every decision will face challenges, as Ward-Pugh, 8664 and River Fields remain dedicated to their own visions for the bridges project."

You can read about it here or listen to it hear.

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