Bridges Project FLASHBACK

The year was 1994. Momentum to build an East End Bridge was continuing to build since it was first proposed in the 1960s. A newly created non-profit organization supposedly focused on downtown redevelopment and revitalization called Downtown Development Corporation released a study suggesting that Louisville didn't need an East End Bridge, but instead a downtown bridge.

Shortly after the new bridge "idea" was introduced, a small conservation group's president issued a press release advocating for the downtown bridge. The release read:

 "Today River Fields Board President James S. Welch, Jr. unveiled a plan which offers a solution to both the traffic congestion and server safety problems at the Kennedy Bridge and Spaghetti Junction."


"Welch pointed out that the new design minimizes impacts on downtown Jeffersonville and Louisville."


"this new plan would enhance the waterfront by adding acreage to the Waterfront Park and providing additional parking areas under the ramps."

Fast forward 15 years to today. Now the past president of River Fields is Chairman of the Downtown Development Corporation, the organization that created the idea of the downtown bridge. "DDC" is still a strong supporter of the downtown bridge and its board members serve on other related organizations including the Build the Bridges Coalition and the Bi-State Bridge Authority.

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