C-J misquote about the Drumanard Tunnel

A Courier-Journal reporter contacted me last Friday for a quote about his story on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's (KYTC) plans to possibly drop the $250 Million tunnel from the East End Bridge approach of the Bridges Project. Knowing space is always limited, I emailed this short quote:

"Not knowing the contents of KYTC's correspondence, I will only say that if we can save $250 Million and complete the East End Bridge sooner without a tunnel, we are all for it.
It is interesting to note that the historic designation of Drumanard began against the will of its owner in 1988, the year after the Gene Snyder was completed."
Imagine my surprise when I read the article this morning.
ISSUE #1: The word "sooner" was removed from the 1st sentence.
ISSUE #2: They didn't include the second half of the quote that speaks to the reason for a $250 Million tunnel in the first place. 
After receiving the quote request last Friday, I did a little research and found that the "world-famous, nationally-significant, virtually priceless" Drumanard Estate hasn't always been that way. In fact, when the initial registration for Historic Designation was submitted, the owner of the property objected (see upper right corner of registration).
So, the year after the Gene Snyder was completed all the way to US 42 and Wolf Pen Branch Road in 1987, someone(?) decided that this property in the path of Louisville's future bridge should be registered as a historically significant piece of property against the will of the owner. Interesting.
2 pm UPDATE: Marcus Green just called to say the paper will print a correction.

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