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Louisville's Metropolitan Planning Organization (KIPDA) is accepting public comment on the region's Horizon 2030 Transportation Plan through next Tuesday, Spetember 29th.

KIPDA project ID# 389 is a project sponsored by the Kentucky Transporation Cabinet that would make "I-64 corridor improvements" by "the addition of one travel lane in each direction between I-71 and I-264.

Now is the time for you to voice your opinion on this road expansion.

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Adding an extra lane to I 64 in each direction from downtown to St. Matthews would help to fix the bottleneck that currently exists there. Anyone who regularly drives the highway like I do, knows that it is too much traffic for such a two lane highway running through a major city area.

Turning it into a parkway or keeping it a two lane road will not fix the traffic problem. Most of the traffic is from people coming from St. Matthews and Jeffersontown to downtown. Not out of state vehicles because you can see that in any every day trek. It is a much needed transportation project.

Given the opportunity, many drivers would opt to take I-265 across an East End Bridge. Let's take care of that before we make a decision about widening I-64.

What Bill is not saying is that it's not the narrowness of I-64 through the Cochran Tunnel that causes the backups, nor the lack of a second downtown bridge, for that matter.

It's rather the multiplicity of decision points in Spaghetti Junction that creates the traffic snarls during rush hour. When people in different interstate lanes have to weave across each other at several points, that clogs up forward movement.

I'm a Louisville native, too, and I've driven these roads. It's just that I'm looking to the true nature of the problem, while others just jump to the simple-minded conclusion that widening is the only answer. It's destructive, and further, unnecessary.

Mr. Magruder, I have to mention that they needed to take care of Spaghetti Junction years ago and all this stalling and stupidity regarding one extra lane of traffic being built from St. Matthews to Downtown isn't going to lessen the traffic.

What we have here in Louisville is a classic bottleneck problem with the Spaghetti Junction being the first problem. The second problem is that we have an interstate system that is outmoded and probably has been for 20 years.

Similarly sized cities such as Louisville have interstates that are modern and in some cases several lanes in each direction. It helps with the flow of traffic, cuts down on people trying to constantly change lanes, and helps to prevent some accidents.

In contrast, tell us how many times there are accidents at the Cochran Hill tunnels in the average year. Its obvious that something other than tunnels being there causes these accidents. Might I add that its the poor flow of traffic through these areas that causes part of the problems.

These problems were created in an era during the 1960s and 70s when this area didn't have the traffic issues it has today. No amount of liberal bleating about interstates running downtown being bad is going to change the traffic issues this community faces. There are some on these boards that wish us to return to the 1970s. However, that's not going to happen in an urban environment of 1.3 million. People need to get where they are going, whether that is to work, play, the mall, school, or travel.

Being small minded and turning Louisville into a vast urban park is the goal of these people. However, not living in the real world with economics being the forefront, these people are missing the point. Nice parks do make for a nice community. But parks don't feed people. Parks don't create jobs. Parks don't create anything except being parks.

Transportation and efficient transport does create jobs and makes the cost of produced goods cheaper and delivery more efficient. Keeping Kentuckiana with a third rate transportation system will doom this area economically. One can see the differences between Nashville, TN, Indianapolis, IN, and Cincinnati, OH versus Louisville in this area. The outskirts of these metro areas are exploding due to a high amount of business and industry relocating to those areas. Louisville is behind the times and keep Kentuckiana with a poor regional transportation system aka the current two lane 64 and 2 lane Gene Snyder is holding this area back.

It must be easy for you to sit at your web services company and post rhetoric rather than realities. This community needs better roads including better traffic management.

Even the Mayor Jerry Abramson for all his faults knows that having a downtown parkway instead of an interstate would be a traffic conundrum as evidenced by some of his previous comments. Which would be one of the first times that I ever supported the mayor and any ideas he had.

Here are a couple of nice pieces about how New Urbanism combines with the war on choice and automobiles

Even better how about the The Vanishing Automobile.

Interesting unless your feel good liberal bias gets in the way.

I suppose I'm a liberal who wants the government to 1) spend a lot less money on what will be wasteful destruction/construction (including not building a second downtown bridge we don't need); 2) create myriad commercial opportunities at the waterfront, mostly likely taken advantage of by conservative businesspeople. Fancy that.

Again, Bill, what you are doing is transposing your wild charges on what you think my and others' positions are in this matter. I suppose that is easy when one plays the anonymous coward. Man up and tell us who you are if you really believe in your words.

I want a first-rate transportation system. I want enhanced regional transportation and an enhanced regional economy. I have never called for the elimination of cars. If you see "liberal" in anything I've ever said on this matter, I guess that's just the tint in the glasses you're wearing. This isn't a partisan matter, and 8664 is non-partisan.

Here's the deal: A lot of your ramblings about the 8664 proposal are not actually based on the plan. 8664 isn't about creating a lot of park space unusable for commercial purposes; on the contrary, it's about opening up a lot of new commercial opportunities, especially on the west side of downtown. Without the bulky I-64 infrastructure at the waterfront, this will become possible. Do you have something against new commercial opportunities?

8664 also would eliminate a multitude of decision points in Spaghetti Junction, thus doing a lot to loosen up the traffic flow through the junction. This, combined with a completed East End Bridge, will be plenty to service the traffic needs for a long time to come. I want a system that works and is least costly in achieving it. That is 8664.

Last, it must be easy for you to sit wherever your anonymous arse sits and post lofty "road widening is the answer for everything" rhetoric rather than realities. This community needs better roads including better traffic management, and the 8664 plan delivers on that.


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