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Email KIPDA to protect Cherokee Park!


Louisville's Metropolitan Planning Organization (KIPDA) is accepting public comment on the region's Horizon 2030 Transportation Plan through next Tuesday, Spetember 29th.

KIPDA project ID# 389 is a project sponsored by the Kentucky Transporation Cabinet that would make "I-64 corridor improvements" by "the addition of one travel lane in each direction between I-71 and I-264.

Now is the time for you to voice your opinion on this road expansion.

Email KIPDA today!

C-J misquote about the Drumanard Tunnel

A Courier-Journal reporter contacted me last Friday for a quote about his story on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's (KYTC) plans to possibly drop the $250 Million tunnel from the East End Bridge approach of the Bridges Project. Knowing space is always limited, I emailed this short quote:

"Not knowing the contents of KYTC's correspondence, I will only say that if we can save $250 Million and complete the East End Bridge sooner without a tunnel, we are all for it.
It is interesting to note that the historic designation of Drumanard began against the will of its owner in 1988, the year after the Gene Snyder was completed."
Imagine my surprise when I read the article this morning.
ISSUE #1: The word "sooner" was removed from the 1st sentence.
ISSUE #2: They didn't include the second half of the quote that speaks to the reason for a $250 Million tunnel in the first place. 
After receiving the quote request last Friday, I did a little research and found that the "world-famous, nationally-significant, virtually priceless" Drumanard Estate hasn't always been that way. In fact, when the initial registration for Historic Designation was submitted, the owner of the property objected (see upper right corner of registration).
So, the year after the Gene Snyder was completed all the way to US 42 and Wolf Pen Branch Road in 1987, someone(?) decided that this property in the path of Louisville's future bridge should be registered as a historically significant piece of property against the will of the owner. Interesting.
2 pm UPDATE: Marcus Green just called to say the paper will print a correction.

Former Director blasts River Fields


In a courageous letter to the C-J, the past Director of River Fields unloads on the "obstructionist" who have championed the downtown option so fervently and selfishly for years:


I was astounded but not surprised that the first article about River Fields ("River Fields turns 50") made no mention of the negative effect they have had on Louisville and this region's transportation system and economy. We might not be staring down the barrel of a costly "two-bridge solution" if they had not championed the downtown option so fervently and selfishly years ago.

Opposition to the East End Bridge has been their primary focus and fundraising tool for the last decade. Without their use of political, legal and strategic financial influence, the East End Bridge might be near completion today and we would have been able to focus on better and possibly less expensive, less intrusive solutions for Spaghetti Junction and I-65 cross-river traffic.

River Fields files lawsuit to stop EE Bridge

On September 10th, the Courier-Journal reported that River Fields lawsuit could halt Ohio River Bridges Project. This should shock no one.

River Fields has successfully delayed the East End Bridge for decades. The organization's claims of "land conservation" and motto of "The river connects us all" appear to take a back seat to self-preservation. For the organization, the East End Bridge is personal. The board is stacked with landowners who live along River Road and the organization's Director of 24 years lives within half a mile of the alignment of the East End Bridge.

Preserving one's neighborhood ("backyard") is one thing, but River Fields has systematically used political, economic and social pressure to delay an important piece of transportation infrastructure that would benefit the entire region.

River Fields' destructive strategy started in 1994 when they began to promote a Downtown Bridge as an alternative. Now we know their suggestion - motivated by their opposition to the East End Bridge - would widen I-64 by 50% over Waterfront Park and construct a 23 Lane wide Spaghetti Junction. Furthermore, this strategy has cost Kentucky over $100 millions to date.

Mayor Abramson, the leadership of Downtown Development Corporation and the Courier-Journal's Editorial Board have all played a role in deceiving the public and/or delaying the East End Bridge.

Downtown Development Corporation (DDC) is a perfect example of how opposition to the East End Bridge has hurt Louisville's growth and development. The orgnaization was created 18 years ago during Mayor Abramson's first term. While the organization should be focused on investments in downtown's vibrancy and historic and cultural preservation, it continues to be used as a tool to stop the East End Bridge.

Currently, DDC is chaired by a past president of River Fields and the organization is a founding member of the Bridges Coalition, which like River Fields is pushing for a Downtown Bridge. And four years ago - when the organization was led by another individual with River Fields ties - it suppressed a white paper that like 8664, suggested that Louisville would benefit by replacing I-64 with an at-grade parkway. But the study was never released to the public.

It's time for Louisville to move forward and break free from these old obstructionist tactics that are having a detrimental impact on our future. 

What should Louisville's future look like?


Plan our community around cars...     Plan our community around people..
get more cars.                               get more people.

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Placemaking is not difficult, it just requires a new way of thinking.

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