A Letter from Mayor Abramson


The following was Mayor Abramson's response to a recent pro-8664 letter:

Dear "You",

Thank you for your correspondence on plans for building new bridges.

All three of our existing bridges would be carrying more traffic than they were designed to handle by 2030, based on a recent study. Our busiest bridge and a key link in our economic hub - the Kennedy Bridge (I-65) - would be 44 percent over capacity and the Clark Memorial Bridge would be 78 percent over capacity under the 8664 proposal, based on the study's traffic analysis. 

Our letter to Secretary Prather  outlined the inaccuracies in the study. For example, it assumes I-64 is widened through the Cochran Tunnel. According to the 2003 EIS, building just the East End Bridge will reduce Kennedy Bridge traffic by 30,000 vehicle/day.

These findings do not support the purpose of the Bridges Project, which is to address cross-river transportation needs in the region.

According to the EIS building only the East End Bridge will provide 10,700 more daily river-crossings than building only the Downtown Bridge.

The two new bridges and rebuild of Spaghetti Junction were approved as one project. To change course and build just the east end bridge would require additional studies that would take years to complete while our cross-river congestion and safety problems are not addressed and threaten the region's future economic prosperity.

Mayor Abramson insisted that the Downtown Bridge be part of the project. We can and should build the East End Bridge without "changing the course" of the Bridges Project.

Based on years of studies and debate including the KYTC study released last November, the evidence supports building two new bridges and rebuilding Spaghetti Junction. The entire project needs to be completed as quickly as possible so we can save on project costs and our region can realize the benefits - job growth, reduced congestion, safer roads and bridges and opportunity for more transportation options.

If we want to "save on project costs" and "realize the benefits" sooner, then we should pursue a better, faster and much cheaper alternative. 8664 is estimated to cost $2.2 Billion or roughly half the ORBP's $4.1 Billion.

Thank you again for your correspondence.

Mayor Jerry E. Abramson 

Mayor Abramson continues to say that the Downtown Bridge is more important for Kentucky, but Jefferson County residents don't agree. According to a January 2008 poll of 500 Jefferson County residents, the East End Bridge is preferred over a Downtown Bridge by more than a 2 to 1 margin.


The good news is it's highly likely King Jer will be out of there next year. The bad news, he'll be at 700 Capitol Ave. Great :(

I love these the traffic projections that the Mayor and his River Fields cronies continue to tout. 78% over "capacity"? Really? Have they not considered the rationing effect of traffic? Or the possibility of $8 per gallon gasoline?

Building another downtown bridge is simply enabling sprawl, which is bad for cities. When enough people get sick of the commute, they'll stop moving 45 minutes from their jobs. It is nothing short of asinine to continue to act as if another downtown bridge is going to do anything to make Louisville more competitive in the region.

And while I'm ranting...has anyone ever done a study to determine how much the "capacity" of the Kennedy would be increased if it were truly a 3 lane bridge instead of the 2 lanes and an extended off ramp that the south bound side currently is? It seems to me fixing the design flaws we already have would be much more productive and cost effective than any new construction downtown.

This is Leadership? I thought our leaders were suppose to provide vision. Here ia a tremendous opportunity to correct the huge mistake of cutting off our great city from its most spectacular natural wonder - the River. And our leaders would rather expand the problem to a 23 lane monstrosity and placate the wealthy than capitalize on the opportunity as presented by 8664. Perhaps it is time for a change.

What everyone seems to be forgetting, is that while our populous is increasing, sales of automobiles are down tremendously. Traffic is at its peak right here and now. More initiatives like the new TARC route going across the bridge to pick up commuters need to be put on the table.

My dad passaway 20 years ago this month, one thing he always told me "I'll never drive across that new bridge to work." Twenty years later and I turned 61 I tell my children: "I'll never corss that new bridge to go to work."
How long is this going to take to build (1) Damn Bridge?

I would like to hear the Mayor respond to the fact that I-64 will have to be widened through Cherokee Park. Building the downtown bridge guarantees this will happen. It also means the widening of I-65 will occur north of Hospital curve. He is being cagey about how he answers his questions. A lot of downtown infrastructure is going to be demolished with the downtown bridge. We will lose the old Baers Fabric building.

If I were a highway engineer I would build the east end bridge first. therefore you would have someplace to put the traffic while you build the downtown bridges. Make sense? After the eastend bridge is built you just might not need the downtown bridges.

King Jerry is a crooked figurehead. King Cash rules his agenda.

As for Cherokee Park, he has already demonstrated his "City of Parks" dedication by closing down Otter Creek Park. I wouldn't be surprised if Otter Creek Estates lots go up for sale when the housing market rebounds.

My interpretation of anything he says "blah blah blah $$$$$ blah blah $$$$"


Reading Abramson's response, or lack there of, makes me want to vomit. Apparently he heard somewhere, probably from his friends at RiverFields, that after 20 years on the job it's OK to focus on the needs of special interest groups and the money they provide.

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