Removing Roads Speeds Urban Travel


Scientific American2.JPGThis article in the January 29th Scientific American should be mandatory reading for a few folks in town.

We like reading scientific journals that say things like:

"closing a highway--that is, reducing network capacity--
improves the system's effectiveness."

This fact was made clear in our local example when KYTC's "8664" Traffic Study showed that an East End Bridge Only solution performed as well as the "two-bridge solution" that would cost twice as much and expand Spaghetti Junction to 23 lanes wide.

Here's a nice quote for our friends in Washington (Helloooo, Congressman Yarmuth!):

"As the Obama administration prepares to invest in the biggest public works project since the construction of the interstate highway system, the notion that fewer, more inclusive roads yield better results is especially timely."

Good stuff. Read the entire article. 


If you were to ask me what is the most important aspect of the 8664 plan I would hardly be able to choose between the impact on the city, the impact on Spaghetti Junction, the reconnection of the West End with the rest of Louisville, aesthetics, or just plain pride in having done something really right for our city, its people and its future. We have lived here since 1979 and seen this city become transformed by individual investment of time, energy and vision, by community activists, and by powerful community leaders.

I think that the 8664 plan is comparable to the building of Graves' Humana Building. When they announced the choice of the architect for the building, Cherry said that he thought it was an important project that would have a significant impact on the city, and that they should build a building that would only fit in Louisville. Well they did and it worked its magic. And you know what? It's time to do something like that again. Just imagine!

Thanks for picking this story up.
It seems a little pencil-necked to me ... I didn't actually read the SA article.

But this person is talking about how to take this idea and "mainstream it". He thinks its important for projects like 8664, though he's thinking specifically about left-coast projects.

"Driver Self-Interest and the CRC";jsessionid=9FDA9EB58EDDA995B67CD56DF2DC4F78?diaryId=1642

In this video, I was impressed by the boulevards with medians to separate the through traffic from the pedestrian traffic. This provides an opportunity to further enhance safety and the look and feel of the area which would encourage local shopping and pedestrian activity. I recommend everyone watch this video, it answers a lot of "What ifs" about taking down an ugly highway.

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