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The Build the Bridges Coalition recently released a couple videos intended to promote the Ohio River Bridges Project and a tolling authority to fund its $4.1 Billion price tag.

It's worth checking out the New Downtown Bridge Fly-over video. Stop the video at 0:17 and you'll see that their rendering actually shows I-64 dropping to grade across the waterfront. Great idea! Clearly this wasn't intended.

So what portion of the rendering did they intentionally leave out? We'll give you a hint, it represents more than half the cost of the Bridges Project but it's not a bridge. You guessed it, the 23 lane Spaghetti Junction.


I'll give them this: It's called a bridge fly-over and it does accomplish that. That's about it though. It only teases you with pieces of the SJ and it does clearly take a page from 8664 by putting 64 on the ground. I think they did that so you could see their Sim City-like buildings of the city. If only there was a real life plan that allowed our city to be seen and not covered by concrete ribbons. Hey! I know! Maybe you 8664 guys should see if they like you're idea since put it in their video.

That's it. I can't stand corrupt politics getting what they want why the people stand by the wayside. I believe in 8664 and I'm going to donate right now! Even if they ignore the plan till the end of days I'll at least know that I did the right thing. To live a belief is the only way to HAVE a belief.

I am a huge proponent of the 8664 grassroots movement but find only one problem with its proposed changes: Public transportation and the use of a light-rail system.

I would prefer to see a proposal that includes the use of a light-rail system similar to those being utilized in Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX and Denver, CO. Taking more vehicles out of downtown Louisville would do wonders for air quality and create more viable greenspace to expand the already first class parks system Louisville boasts. But lets also create a way for people to get around our beautiful city in an economical and environmentally sound manner.

I say this in closing, a Louisville native who has seen this city grow over 31 years, imagine a Kentucky Derby weekend that isn't plagued with gridlock because of a public transportation system that can alleviate the roadways that we all have to use during the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports.

Kind Regards,
Damon Harlan

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