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San Francisco: Embarcadero Freeway Removal


Removing Roads Speeds Urban Travel


Scientific American2.JPGThis article in the January 29th Scientific American should be mandatory reading for a few folks in town.

We like reading scientific journals that say things like:

"closing a highway--that is, reducing network capacity--
improves the system's effectiveness."

This fact was made clear in our local example when KYTC's "8664" Traffic Study showed that an East End Bridge Only solution performed as well as the "two-bridge solution" that would cost twice as much and expand Spaghetti Junction to 23 lanes wide.

Here's a nice quote for our friends in Washington (Helloooo, Congressman Yarmuth!):

"As the Obama administration prepares to invest in the biggest public works project since the construction of the interstate highway system, the notion that fewer, more inclusive roads yield better results is especially timely."

Good stuff. Read the entire article. 

Bridges Coalition's new videos


The Build the Bridges Coalition recently released a couple videos intended to promote the Ohio River Bridges Project and a tolling authority to fund its $4.1 Billion price tag.

It's worth checking out the New Downtown Bridge Fly-over video. Stop the video at 0:17 and you'll see that their rendering actually shows I-64 dropping to grade across the waterfront. Great idea! Clearly this wasn't intended.

So what portion of the rendering did they intentionally leave out? We'll give you a hint, it represents more than half the cost of the Bridges Project but it's not a bridge. You guessed it, the 23 lane Spaghetti Junction.

Ohio River Bridges Project, by the numbers


40 years - the East End Bridge has been in the region's transportation plan

32,000 - Spaghetti Junction's current daily truck traffic

23 - lanes of traffic in the proposed expanded Spaghetti Junction, 
      years Mayor Abramson has successfully delayed the East End Bridge

75 feet - I-64 would be widened by this amount over the Great Lawn

1/2 - the cost of 8664 versus the Ohio River Bridges Project (ORBP),
         the number of bridges 8664 requires compared to ORBP

$2,000,000,000 - the cost for 23 lanes of Spaghetti Junction

0 - reasons to build a massive interchange on Louisville's waterfront

6 lanes - the width of I-64 thru Cherokee Park in KYTC's traffic models

"12" - people who donated a total of $2M to RF to stop the East End Bridge

$60,000 - the cost of KYTC's study that failed to study 8664

1 - US Congressmen living near the path of the East End Bridge
     CJ Editor living near the path of the East End Bridge

4 or 5 - toll bridges in Louisville with ORBP

8664 - better, cheaper and faster than the ORBP

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