Bigger SJ = tolls & widen I-64 thru Cherokee Park

Half the cost of the Bridges Project (or $2 Billion) has nothing to do with a bridge. The proposed 23 lane wide Spaghetti Junction will make downtown a construction hell for 20 years. And you get to pay for it. $4, $5 or maybe even a $6 toll every time you want to cross the river. This project was supposed to improve "cross-river mobility."

(c) 2006 ORBP Rendering

The Transportation Cabinet denies they plan to widen I-71 and I-64 through the Cherokee Park, but it's in their traffic modeling. They wouldn't widen these interstates in their model if they didn't plan on actually widening them.

Build the East End Bridge without tolls

According to the Environmental Impact Statement ("EIS"), the East End Bridge performs better than a Downtown Bridge by more than 10,000 vehicles a day. And in the KYTC's "8664" traffic study, the "System Wide Performance" of a single-bridge solution matched the ORBP's two bridge solution. So we can actually spend less and get more if we build the East End Bridge, which we can do without tolls.

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