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Today's article Study critical of 8664 proposal lacks a lot of things. Journalistic integrity among them. The study released yesterday by KYTC is unquestionably flawed. KYTC widened I-64 and I-71 into downtown. That's not in our plan. KYTC denies it's even in their plan. 

Only the very last paragraph of the article speaks to this:

"But there are no plans to widen that stretch of interstate, according to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet chief of staff Mike Hancock. "That is not back on the table," he said."

They can't have it both ways. They can't say it's not going to happen, but then include it in the 8664 study. Check that. They can have it both ways in the Courier if Marcus Green covers it.

Note to reporter: Next time ask KYTC, "Why did you assume something for the 8664 study that isn't going to happen?" The answer might be important to the story.

Read today's 8664 press release.

Another questionable aspect of the coverage is the history of the study. On August 25th, we announced that KYTC completed 93% of a 8664 traffic study before canceling it in March. The Courier's article on the following day began:

"After abruptly stopping a traffic analysis of an alternative to the Ohio River Bridges Project earlier this year, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said yesterday it plans to finish studying a proposal calling for two new bridges."

According to the article which is no longer on the CJ website, the consultant performing the study confirmed that they study a two-bridge solution, NOT 8664. So why do we now receive a study on a one-bridge solution? Again, a reasonable question for a reporter to ask.

FACTOID: 32,000 trucks drive through downtown everyday.


Some wonder if any taint from the C-J's pro-Jerry editorial board leaks into their reporting sometimes. Clearly it does from time to time, especially when it comes to financial matter but also with regards to Mayor Jer's disastrous plans for downtown.

Sent to CJ December 18....

I believe that the Courier Journal front page article along with the follow on editorial (8664 Wonderland) did little to enlighten us on the merits or lack there of concerning the 8664 proposal. Certainly the editorials concluding paragraph "Any real case for 8664 has disappeared, like stripes on the Cheshire Cat." would be great if that was true but it appears that only more "smoke and mirrors" has surfaced rather then a comprehensive objective analysis of the issues involved.

As a former engineer and program manager for a major consumer product company I was intimately involved with multi-million dollar programs so I am interested in the process involved. So much of what I have seen of the process of analyzing 8664 would not pass muster in "Program Management 101". Some examples of good "Program Management 101" practices lacking in the 8664 analysis:

Transparency - If this study was the final objective answer to the viability of 8664 why was it done so secretly and required an open records request by the Courier Journal to reveal it's contents. The best studies are open and transparent allowing for critical examination.

Inclusiveness - The various interest groups should be part of any serious study minimizing bias in the final reports conclusions.
Anything less can leave the taint of bias and preconceived conclusions.

Think Outside the Box - When proposing to spend over 4 billion dollars (which will probably require tolls) and then ending up with a 23 lane wide spaghetti junction (yes 23 lanes wide) should require us taking a deep breath and saying "what are the alternatives"?

I along with several hundred other people attended the second annual 8664 forum held recently. Two excellent speakers were in attendance. John Norquist, former mayor of Milwaukee, who was instrumental in removing the Park East freeway and replacing it with a surface boulevard (similar to 8664 proposal) and Cary Moon of Seattle's Peoples Waterfront Coalition discussing their success in moving ahead Seattles planned waterfront freeway removal. Interestingly no coverage at all by the Courier Journal. A key point of interest was the opposition they encountered mirrored what Louisville is experiencing.

Donald Dickinson
Prospect, KY

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