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The East End Bridge provides more cross river capacity at half the cost of the Downtown Bridge.


According to the Environmental Impact Statement or EIS of the Ohio River Bridges Project, the East End Bridge provides more capacity than the Downtown Bridge by more than 10,000 vehicles a day (in 2025). Furthermore, based on the most recent Financial Plan, the East End Bridge costs less than half as much as the downtown bridge.

In addition to being better and much less expensive, the East End Bridge ...

  • will reduce traffic in Spaghetti Junction and the existing bridges.
  • can be constructed without disrupting regional traffic flow.
  • is supported by the vast majority of citizens on both sides of the river. 
  •  can be built without tolls.
  • can be completed in less than four years.

    The bridge we need has been delayed for more than four decades. We're so close. Please help Louisville take the next step. We can have a stronger regional economy. We can have a spectacular city, that's connected to the Ohio River and thrives by attracting young, creative people. It's time for real positive change.

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