Yarmuth wrong about EE Bridge support

In last Friday's Louisville Forum debate with past Congresswoman Anne Northup, Congressman Yarmuth said:

 "The East End Bridge was a political compromise to allow us to build the downtown bridge and she (Northup) is now taking Indiana's position."  

Who does he mean when he says "allows us"? He's not speaking for the people of Kentucky.

Historically, the East End Bridge has been part of this region's long-term transportation plan since 1969. It was reaffirmed in two subsequent plans in 1987 and 1993.

In terms of public opinion, support for the East End Bridge has also been consistent. In 1993, the Courier-Journal conducted a Bluegrass Poll that found that in Jefferson, Floyd and Clark County, 78% support an East End Bridge. Not surprisingly, the C-J hasn't polled the question since. Wave 3's poll in late 1994 found that 75% preferred the East End Bridge. In January of 2008, we polled 500 registered voters in Jefferson County and found that people favor the East End Bridge by more than a 2-to-1 margin.

So while Congressman Yarmuth is correct that Anne Northup now supports building the East End Bridge and then evaluating our traffic needs, he's ABSOLUTELY WRONG about it being "Indiana's position" to build the East End Bridge. This entire region supports building the East End Bridge.

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