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$180 million approved for ORBP

This is hopefully a good thing. Now they can't say that we're going to stop the project before it gets started. If this money goes towards the upriver bridge, our vision will take a major step forward. Conversely, if the money is spent designing an expanded Spaghetti Junction, our job will get much more difficult. Stay tuned, we feel a major letter writing campaign coming on.

One ramp down, one to go

Last week's C-J article announced that the Bridges Project plans to remove the 3rd Street ramp. YES! Everyone who loves the 9th Street ramp, raise your hand. That's what we thought. The 9th Street ramp does provide access to downtown, but is it worth widening I-64 over the Great Lawn by 50% to 225 feet? And another thing, why aren't the pro-Bridges folks screaming about how removing the 3rd Street ramp will create GRIDLOCK? Because it won't, and neither will removing the waterfront expressway.

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